Case Studies

The following case studies give an insight into how we work with our clients to maximise their opportunities and to achieve their goals.

You will find direct quotes from our clients in italics.

You will find direct quotes from our clients in italics.

The company had an enquiry in 2021 from a husband and wife (business owners) clients aged 60 and 58 who were planning on retiring soon but were wondering if they have enough to last them as long as they live.

The business was going well, making average annual profits of €325,000. Both clients are very healthy (Above average health for their age), and they live off average wages for their profile.

The couple had pension funds valued at €978,000 with savings/investments valued at €325,000. The couple lived in a  nice family home (Mortgage free) and one rental property (Mortgage free).

They wanted to retire in Ireland and purchase a place in the sun, with a budget of €500,000.

A few issues are:

  • They want to know how to get the money in their Company (€1.3m approx.) out without paying a fortune in tax.
  • The couple also liked the idea of staying on in the business; they like what they do but find they are working too hard.
  • The clients have three adult children and would like to leave them as much as possible, providing them with a gift towards their deposit for a home in the near future.

From analysing their lifestyle and desired lifestyle in the near future, we agreed on how much it would cost and at what point it is likely to drop.

Without getting into details, Financial Architects showed them that they could access the entire business savings tax-free, access their pensions, and retire. Doing this also reduced their future inheritance bill to their kids, reducing their taxes. They were already Financially Independent and would not run out of money if they stuck to the plan we gave them.

The clients were amazed to hear they could also set up a new smaller business in the area they enjoyed most, and we helped them understand how to get any savings in the company back with a minimal tax rate.

As a result, the clients have not yet retired.  They are seeking a buyer for their business, but they intend to retire in 2023.

Company Director aged 38 years, married 3 kids.

His concerns were:

  • Knowing where we stood financially. Direct quote.

After going through the process:

It Gave significant clarity to where we stand at this point and how everything feeds into it and also what we can do at this point to effect the sort of changes that could mean retiring a couple of years earlier or buying that retirement home in the sun.

Senior Accountant mid forties in a major multinational, married with two kids.

Concerns were:

  • Although there is a very strong income, will I have enough to live off in retirement, my wife is not working.
  • I would love a holiday home in Ireland, can I afford it?
  • I worry about finances, particularly in retirement.

After going through the process, the client had been:

  • De-stressed me and gave me peace of mind.
  • Plotted out my Financial Position for the foreseeable future.
  • Realisation of how to use my financial assets.

Successful Company Director aged 42, married with 2 kids, very hard worker and very conscious of over spending.

His main concerns were:

  • Could he afford to retire early, (Assuming he kept on track)
  • He had no idea if he was able to loosen the purse strings now to enjoy his money a bit more.
  • He wanted to see the potential impact a job move would have on the longer term (If his income were to increase).

After going through our process:

  • He had a “visible operational map of his finances”.
  • Allowed him to tweak his finances.
  • Organic Plan for your money.
  • Changes immediate to help you see the future.
  • Increased confidence about the future.
  • Lifestyle improved as it allows you to make the changes you really want to.

Two Medical Consultants and Company Owners early 40s and earning a lot of money.


  • Are we spending too much?
  • What lifestyle can we afford in retirement?

After the process:

Financial Architects showed me what lifestyle I could keep when I retired.
I am now much more aware we need to review our spending and costs.
Financial Architects have shown me how to “get more time” to enjoy my life.

Client 63 years of age and Married, presented with the following concerns

  • Afraid he would run out of money.
  • He was worried about Financial Security.

He wanted to know if he could afford to do the good stuff in retirement like:

Spend six months abroad somewhere warm.
Retire early.

After going through our process he now has:

  • Peace of mind allowing him to do the things that are important to his family.
  • Much more detail on how much he will have over next 30 years, clearly set out.
  • Great to see how much he can spend over the next 30 years, clearly set out.
  • Creates a financial “Road Map” to give him clarity on the future.

Two company owners aged early 40s, married one child.

The clients were not particularly concerned about money but just needed to know a bit more about what the future holds for them financially.

After going through the process they had:

  • Huge level of comfort.
  • Can approach retirement knowing we will be fine.
  • Safety net.
  • It’s the missing link, the future is no longer unknown.
  • We can create different scenarios for our future.