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We have a belief that it is more beneficial for our clients to know when they can afford to spend their money than making them an additional 1% on their investments.

After all there is only a certain amount of “healthy years before/after retirement” so why not get a better understanding about your finances so you can increase these important years?

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Having come from the Financial Industry –(Industry implies product manufacturing which is what a typical financial advisor sells to make money), we worked for a long time in this area and we were pretty successful, however we slowly discovered that clients didn’t really care too much about hearing about products. We had lost interest in what we did for a living, we were just like all the Financial sales robots. It was not enough for us, financial success does not make you content and certainly does not help your clients.

So we started digging deeper into our “Industry” to find out how could we use our vast experience in finance to help our clients get what they want and not what we want.

We discovered Lifestyle Financial Planning and the complete lack of awareness within our Industry. We took time off to learn really clever financial planning software that our clients have loved since we introduced this new service.

Now things are really different.

The reaction from us as advisors is we absolutely love what we do now. We now get to see the differences we have made to our clients lives, and the differences we will make, even before they retire, just the knowing that they will be ok financially. Being able to show someone that they will have enough if they retire 5 years earlier or want to travel the world before they are too old to, that’s much more interesting to show clients.

Clients reactions are typically a combination of relief- that they know they will be ok financially and a sense of urgency that maybe they should be doing the stuff that important to them now rather than waiting for an opportunity that may never appear.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone is in this category however a typical client that likes dealing with us will earn an above average salary, most likely be married and will have accumulated at least €250,000 in assets (Pension, investment, savings).

Meet the team

Derek Maguire


Derek is a founding member of Financial Architects and has worked in the financial services business since 1993. Derek has several relevant financial qualifications but believes qualifications are not enough, clients don’t really get too excited about qualifications. Derek spends most of his day meeting with clients in the areas of Lifestyle Financial Planning and retirement planning.

Michelle Dempsey


Michelle is a founding member of Financial Architects and also has vast experience in the Financial Services business (since 1993). Having sole responsibility for all Mortgage clients within the business, Michelle has a huge loyalty from her clients over the years. Michelle spends most of her day advising clients how to get property finance.

Claire Rodgers


Claire again has vast experience in the Financial business, joining the industry in 1992. Claire most recently left a leading bank where she was a successful branch manager for several years. Claire spends most of her day dealing with Pension scheme wind ups, Pension scheme Trustees and clients. Claire also handles all investment files for Financial Architects.

Rose Gorby

Mortgage Adviser QFA

Rose is one of our mortgage experts. With plenty of experience from underwriting mortgage applications to advising clients on everything from how to buy a house, to mortgage rates, how to get approval, to getting your keys for First Time buyers, Second time buyers (Trading up), Investors, mortgage switchers, equity release and top ups. Rose deals with ex-employer pensions, company pensions for business owners and personal pensions for clients, Rose has extensive experience in Financial Services over a 30-year career, and Rose is studying for Retirement Planning Advisor exams.

Brian Cronin


Brian handles Pension and investment advice for new and existing clients.  Brian deals with ex-employer pensions, company pensions for business owners and personal pensions. With over 20 years of experience in the Financial business, his knowledge and friendly personality shine. Brian is currently sitting Retirement Planning Advisor exams.

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