Trading Up and Second-Time Buyers


Personal circumstances change, priorities change, family grows, and you’ve outgrown your first home, so you’ve decided that now is the time to move up the property ladder.

Most likely it’s been a few years since you’ve gone through the process of buying a property, and things may have changed since you last got your mortgage, so you’re probably not quite sure what to expect this time around.

This is a very active area in lending, and we are seeing a significant increase in applications at the time of writing (July 2020).

If you want access to the best rates, products, lenders with a friendly service, then we can help you.

Did you know Financial Architects staff have combined experience of nearly 100 years between them? In fact, all our staff have a banking/underwriting background, and we have been brokers for many years. The least experienced is Derek, who only has 24 years’ experience arranging mortgages for people.

We can explain how to do the house move, who will give you the money and who has the best rate.

As a mortgage broker for lenders, we get paid by the provider you choose, there is no difference in the rate if you go directly to the lender, but our service will be more comprehensive.

Call us today on 01 8027670 or email or  to arrange a meeting at our office in Ratoath.

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