What is Lifestyle Financial Planning?

From our 20 years experience, the one thing that I have learned is that people want to keep their lifestyle and possibly improve on it if they can afford to. No one wants to have a lifestyle that is inferior to what they currently have.

We regularly come across business owners (In particular) that are chained to their businesses, with little or no time off, probably in a strong position financially but they are working very hard. No one advised them that they could afford to do the stuff they really wanted to with their time rather than working unnecessarily.

We build it (Financial Planning), fund it (Investment management), and ensure you stick to it (behavioral coaching).

Simple but not Easy. That is what we do.


We ask our clients very tough questions to find out about them, to find out what is on their mind at 4am, to find out what they wish to achieve or experience with their lives. One thing we know is that time is short, it is the one asset that gets spent without a second thought but it is the one asset which is non replaceable.

We do not have the right to advise you on your finances until we have found out why money is important to you.

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