All our future plans are often totally dependent on having an income to live off

Our range of Insurance Services is designed to protect you should the worse happen.

All our future plans are often totally dependent on having an income to live off. For example to repay a mortgage, to cover kids university fees or simply to live (cover the basics).

If the income stops, then the plans need to change often very swiftly and radically.

So you can purchase insurance policies to cover you for most of the risks that exist.

Life Assurance


On your death, if you have cover in place, it will help prevent financial loss on top of emotional loss at a time when you need help the most. It is called Life Assurance.

Salary protection/Income protection/Permanent Health Insurance.


If you cannot work due to an illness or health issues, with this cover in place you will have up to 75% of your income still paid to you (It is taxable) but it will cover you to typically retirement age.

Serious illness cover:


If you are struck down with an illness and it is on the list of illnesses covered, you can get paid a lumpsum tax free which can help wipe out any debt r provide money to live off.

There is a much higher change this will happen.

As advisors (Derek is a Fellow of the Life Assurance Association of Ireland), we go through a calculation which factors in cost of living, reduced income, death in service, how long you are paid if out of work sick, any existing cover and if we believe you need additional cover.

You will get access to all the leading insurers in Ireland to get you excellent cover at the best possible price. We go through everything with you from start to finish where you will have the policy documents in your hand and more importantly the peace of mind to know what happens financially if anything should happen.

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