Financial Planning

Think of us an an architect for your later life

In many ways we work for you as an ‘architect’. You come to us with bricks and steel in the form of pensions, savings, property or business, and from this we look to help you understand what kind of retirement can be created. We help to draw out the plans for the life that you want. It’s about you and your plan, not the money or fancy investments. We want to help you gain the financial confidence and security to live your life without financial worries. That’s why we are very important, we provide our clients with piece of mind.

What our clients have to say

The Financial Architect process encouraged Anne and I to vision our future and plan and shape it with confidence. We chose our future lifestyle and now confidently make decisions around that, not through a fear factor. On reflection previously the pension process has been planning in a fog and letting others overly influence future decisions. No longer, I feel we have more control and Derek and the team provide us with options.

Rebecca Scott

I have met with Derek recently for both pension and investment advice. He gives a lot of his time to advise you in a clear and concise manner. His retirement advice has made my pension options very understandable and I feel confident that my investments are in good hands.

Carmel Byrne