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Think of us an an architect for your later life

In many ways we work for you as an ‘architect’. You come to us with bricks and steel in the form of pensions, savings, property or business, and from this we look to help you understand what kind of retirement can be created. We help to draw out the plans for the life that you want. It’s about you and your plan, not the money or fancy investments. We want to help you gain the financial confidence and security to live your life without financial worries. That’s why we are very important, we provide our clients with piece of mind.

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Who we are

Our passion is building tailored financial solutions that work for you!

At Financial Architects, we know all about numbers! And we also know that our customers are anything but just a number. With a background in “traditional financial planning”, our experience taught us that financial planning isn’t just about crunching numbers – It’s about the dreams and aspirations of our customers.

That’s why we take a “lifestyle” approach to financial planning. Our approach is to build your future based not just on your future plans but on how you want to live as you work towards these goals.

This is the essence of who we are! Our team consists of dedicated experts that understand that financial planning is more than just sound financial advice – It’s about building financial success using tailored solutions designed to meet your future goals and achieving lifestyle contentment.

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The value of your investment may go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invest.
Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.
These funds may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.