Well believe it or not we do not take on every client, we have a simple belief that too many clients = a poor service.

Plus not every client wants what we provide.

So unlike some competitors that are eager to sell you something, we provide a service which our clients are happy to pay for because they know we are not selling anything.

We use a six step process as follows:

Step 1: We have a chat to get to know each other –it usually takes about 60 minutes. It is usually at this meeting that a client will say yes they would like to be a client or not. This meeting is at our cost.


Step 2: We gather your information and your goals.


Step 3:  Analyse your current status.


Step 4: Develop and present recommendations.


Step 5: Implement Recommendations.


Step 6: Monitor Financial Planning recommendations and your goals.

If you become a client you are now dealing with a company that wants to help improve your life.

Get in touch today and find out about becoming a client